Monday, August 29, 2005

The Trans Continental Driving Test Rally

There are numerous Learner Drivers trying to circumvent the lengthy waiting list for a test appointment by traveling ridiculous distances to strange locations the other side of the planet.
My advice is don’t bother. Better option is to continue to prepare carefully in your own home territory with the help of a professional Driving Instructor. You have much more chance in getting though today's Test by being familiar with your surroundings. Unfamiliarity breeds..........??
Recently I had a pupil who tried getting to Ennis for a Driving Test (from Dublin) and only made it half way before having an altercation (polite word for Prang!) with a truck.
So if you are really desperate to get your full License sooner rather than later. Here are my tips.
(1) Take sufficient lessons with a Driving School.(a couple of hours tuition just before the Test will not cut it)
(2) Practice your reversing maneuvers until they are Perfect!(even a moderately done reverse can still attract a mark-down ) the two maneuvers are really the only time on your Test when you have complete control of the situation ,so why throw marks away ?
(3) Do a little out of town practice and carriageway time. It will build your experience and your confidence and help with your demeanor on the day of the Test. Driving round and round test routes until you are dizzy from it is a polarized approach.
(4) If you are in employment a letter drafted by the Boss and sent to Ballina requesting you be added to the Cancellation List will give you an appointment usually in about two (2) to Six(6) weeks. A word of advice here will get very little notice for a cancellation slot soooo you have to be READY FOR THE last minute panic lessons.

I could go on and on and on ......... there are so many other variables to consider. You could improve your chances by visiting our Blog at and checking out all our articles some of which are published here on but you could speed up the search process by logging onto
Safe Driving and good fortune on your Test ........ Luck has nothing to do with it!


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